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We know that pursuing a career in the entertainment industry can be exciting but your excitement can quickly fade when you find out that you have not adequately protected yourself, your career, or your ability to generate money. Many people in the entertainment industry do not understand the rights that they are potentially giving away, often for little or no compensation. When you are not aware of the rights you have in and to your work, whether it is a song, a picture, a treatment, a manuscript, a video or a movie-script, you cannot protect yourself.


 We regularly counsel clients on issues involving a wide range of legal practice areas, including intellectual property, contracts, business, employment/labor, and immigration. We cater our services based upon the nature of your work within the entertainment industry. We take a practical approach to help you identify, understand, and protect your rights. We understand the unique needs of the entertainment industry, whether putting a deal together or vigorously enforcing clients’ contractual and intellectual property rights. We focus on the following areas:

Internet Law Attorney

Contract Negotiation Lawyer

Photography Lawyer

Event Organization Lawyer




Business Formation Lawyer

Our clients include record labels, celebrities, reality TV talent, production companies, authors, film and television production companies, recording artists, songwriters, music producers, artist managers, promoters and other entertainment industry entrepreneurs. Whether providing services to a start-up company or an established recording artist, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their business objectives.


The ability to build long-term relationships is crucial to fostering a client’s success, and our attorneys are committed to the accessibility, diligence and strategies necessary to create and sustain these connections. Our detailed knowledge of intellectual property and dispute resolution and the evolving entertainment industry serves the needs of our clients throughout their careers.


Here’s some of what we do:

  • Contract Drafting in the Music Industry – We negotiate and draft exclusive recording agreements, co-publishing agreements, songwriter agreements and single-song agreements.

  • Contract Drafting in the TV Industry – We negotiate and draft talent attachment agreements for reality television shows, production staff agreements, etc.

  • Advisory Role for Entertainment Companies – We advise independent record companies on industry practices and customs, promotion, and publicity services, use and registration of trademarks and service marks, copyright registration, and terms of artist agreements.

  • Advisory Role for Artists – We advise clients in all aspects of their professional careers, such as “360 Deals,” artist agreements, producer agreements, relationships with personal and/or business managers, personal appearances, music publishing, domestic and international tours and artist development.

  • Advisory Role for Producers – We advise record producers on production agreements, breach of contract claims, and on copyright ownership issues.

  • General Counsel Services – We serve as general counsel for publishing companies, accounting firms representing artists, and independent record companies.

  • Draft releases for photographs and audiovisual works.

  • Athlete Representation – We draft and negotiate endorsement agreements for athletes and other celebrities, review and revise agent/management agreements.

  • Live Events - We negotiate and draft  contracts for events and live performances.

  • Protection of public image – We represent artists and celebrities in matters requiring retractions and/or public apologies for defamatory statements, as well as the institution and defense of civil actions involving preservation of public image.

  • Celebrity sponsorships – We represent both celebrities and product or service companies in the negotiation of sponsorship or spokesperson agreements.

  • Artists tours – We represent recording artists in all aspects of domestic and international tours.

  • Are you ready to embark on your career in the entertainment industry? If so, the next step is to take the next step.  If you are not sure which service is right for you, please feel free to contact us. Remember, we are here to help you.

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